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1 - The System

The System is a huge quantum computer. The system is essentially running the universe like a computer running an operating system and software. Anything you change in the system is changing in the universe and vice versa.

Only Canos is authorised to access the system but there are still parts of the system that he cannot change. In the system, data is represented in a physical form instead of a digital form.

1A - Conscious Entity Types

Conscious Entity types define the amount of connection a conscious entity has. There are three types, these are; Normal, Elite and Divine. Divines has the most connection with the system and Normals have the least out of the types.

Divines ( or ) are entities that have extraordinary powers. Divines are not chosen like elites are, but instead they are born with a special connection to the system and the universe. They are born with Ultracores which is why there can only be a maximum of three Divines at once. Divines only have one form (unlike Elites), but their only forms have powers which include; Flight, Super Strength, Healing, etc.

Elites ( or ) are entities that have a special connection to a specific part of the system. Their powers are limited by distance, time, quanity, etc. Their Elite form starts out the same for all Elities (a white robotic humanoid body). They can add things to their Elite Forms which stays on that Form. What ever a Elite assigns to their Elite form, stays on their Elite form and disapears when in Normal Form to reappear when back into Elite Form.

1B - Sections

In the System, there are multiple specific sections which contain sorted data. This is so that it is easier for Canos to be able to figure out where everything is in the System.

In the system there is a section for data on all conscious entitys in the Canos Universe. This data includes; things that are assigned to the entities, their location, thier personal displays, and their types. Also, In the system there is a section for data on the Energy in the Canos Universe. This sorts out the type of energy (light, sound, etc) and the quantity of it. The matter section is for data on the Matter in the Canos Universe. This contains data on molecular structures, elementary particles, and more. The physics section is a section for data on the Physical Laws in the Canos Universe. This defines the laws in the Canos Universe. The space section is a section for data on SpaceTime The time section is a section for data on the Time in the Canos Universe. This sorts out things like Time Dilation, the universal date, and more.

2 - Canosite

Canosite is a type of matter which is exclusive to the Canos Universe. Canosite is made up of large clusters of Canuons and Canotrons. The amount of Canotrons in Canosite doesn't affect any of its properties other than it's mass.

2A - Canuon

Canuons is an elementary particle which does not interact with atoms. They are around 10-15cm. Their states are not changable by temperature like regular matter, but instead, they are formed in either; solid, liquid, gas or plazma forms.

2B - Canotrons

Canotrons are tiny elementary particles which does not interact with other atoms (but does interact with light and forces). They are roughly 10-17cm.

Canotrons are attracted to Canuons particles but they can also be easily disconnected from the Canuons particles that it connects to. Canuons can hold a maximum of 16 Canotrons.

Canotronics are like electronics but use the number of Canotrons on a Canosite Particle as data instead of electrons. This means that Canotronics can use base-16 instead of classic electronic devices which use base-2. Canotronics are super fast compared to electronics due to the base-16 it uses. Canotronics still need electrons to power certian components as Canotrons are used to represent data and they are not power source.

2C - Unitrons

Unitrons are elementary particles that interact with both Canuons and atoms. They are around 10-18cm. Also, they surround Canuons at a diameter of around 10-8cm. This enables Canosite objects to be able to interact and be combined with atomic matter.

Canosite-infused materials are atomic structures that contain Canuons and Unitrons. The more Unitrons there are around a Canuon will strengthen the bond between the Canuon and the atom. Canuons can hold a maximum of 20 Unitrons. Around 5 Unitrons turns the Canosite-infused material into a gas, around 10 Unitrons turns the Canosite-infused material into a liquid, and around 15 Unitrons turns it into a solid. Anything above 18 Unitrons are super strong and need to extract the Unitrons to be able to release the bonds. Unitrons are attracted to Canuons with less Unitrons.
The number of Canotrons around a Canuon does not matter as they do not interact with Unitrons or Atoms.

3 - Universe Crystals

The Three Universe Crystals are used to create the Canos Universe in the Multiverse, as well as being able to change certain elements and aspects of the Canos Universe. Not much is known on the Universe Crystals but it is specilated that "The Source" created them before giving them to Canos. The System allows access to aspects of the crystals which allow parts of the crystals to be changed.




3A - Energy Crystal

The Energy Crystal manages the Energy and Matter in the Canos Universe. This includes the four forces (Gravity, Electromagnetic, Strong Nuclear, Weak Nuclear).

3B - Space Crystal

The Space Crystal manages the Space (or Dimensional Platforms) in the Canos Universe. This includes all dimensions of space and the warping of Space.

3C - Time Crystal

The Time Crystal manages the Time of the Canos Universe in relation to the Multiverse time.

4 - Law and Economics

The Laws and Economics that apply to everywhere in the Canos Universe are written below.

4A - Economics

The Canos Universe has a primary currency which is used by most entities. This currency is known as Coin. The most Coin can be divided by is a Centi-Coin which is 0.01 Coins.

Every Private Entity in the CU is entitled to the following:

These resources are created by AI driven Robots created by Canos and Xenos.

4B - Law